About Faultline

The Faultline Institute at the Bolinas Commons is a community-based educational hub for adults of all ages. We encourage peer-to-peer learning opportunities for our local communities. Stinson Beach and Bolinas residents can participate in a variety of classes, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of topics.

Faultline Institute was founded in 1973 by a band of renegade intellectuals who believed in the concept of locally accessible adult education. The Institute was originally part of the Adult Education Program of the Tamalpais High School District, serving West Marin. Classes are taught by residents from the towns of Bolinas and Stinson, offering teachings and wisdoms to their own communities. Faultline has resurfaced time and time again over the years, and now has a physical home at the Bolinas Commons. The Bolinas Commons is an intimate space that serves as a community gathering space for celebrating, learning, and sharing creativity to build a strong and inspired community.

Faultline keeps returning because it is STILL a good idea that has benefited the community.  We are committed to lifelong learning. Welcome back.


To enroll in a class, contact the teacher directly. Pay the teacher directly. These classes operate on the principle of face-to-face communication, which is only one way to learn. Other excellent educational opportunities are available online from world-class universities at the click of a mouse.

For more information please contact the three-headed dean:

Harriet Kossman- harrietkossman@gmail.com

Van Waring- vanwahwaring@gmail.com

Jeff Warrin- jeffwarrin@gmail.com




Fall Semester 2016

Class Listing


The Art of Being Present

This is an introductory workshop in Embodied Presence. We will be developing our listening and sensing of energy fields (using auric, chakra and neuro-electrical systems as points of reference). First, through information sensing exercises on our own bodies and then, through listening to the physical and non-physical presence of others. This class is not offered as a healing protocol. It is an opportunity in learning to be neutral with incoming information and staying present in the face of it. No experience in massage or bodywork is required.

Meets: one time / Saturday, Oct. 1, 10am-1pm

Host: Amelia Straton

Contact: (415) 868-8830

Registration details: By donation to Bolinas Commons / class location at private residence


Dreaming Ourselves Awake

Learning the content of our dreams and the ways and means of interpreting it in order to be more fully integrated. No materials necessary except a notebook, something to write with, and a willingness to be receptive to a new way of looking at your dreams, yourself, and your world.

Meets: weekly / Wednesdays, 10am-noon

Host: Mimi Calpestri and Carol Luther

Contact: mcalpestri@gmail.com / (415) 868-9275

Registration details: free workshop / class location at Commons


A Particular Kind of Heaven

This is a lively new group in which we will use our creativity within community to express ourselves.

Meets: Mondays, Sept. 12, 19, 26, Oct. 3, 17, Nov. 7, 3-5pm

Host: Patricia Marina

Contact: collagegirl62@gmail.com / (415) 868-0375

Registration details: free / class location at Commons/ contact for more info



Simply Knitting!

Meets: weekly / Tuesdays, 1-3pm

Host: Barbara Macdonald

Contact: barbaramacdonald44@msn.com / (415) 868-9786

Registration details: free / class location at Commons / children welcome if not a total distraction / need to know from each student what your knitting skill-level is in order to determine class size



Crafternoons is a gathering that focuses on mending, crocheting, knitting, and any other kind of handicraft. There is no official teacher. We’ll help each other, offering advice and assistance when necessary.

Meets: weekly / Tuesdays, 3-5pm

Host: Melinda Stone

Contact: stone@usfca.edu / (415) 816-3645

Registration details: donations for the use of the Commons appreciated/ class location at Commons / bring your own supplies


Backstage Insight, Movies on Music

“Amy” – the docu-movie about the quixotic singer/songwriter, stellar performer and personality, be-knighted by Tony Bennett as a ‘true jazz singer.’ Her steady rise to super-stardom and subsequent decline is thoroughly and unswervingly portrayed in all of its phases.

“This Is It” – Michael Jackson fan or not, few could fail to be thrilled by his mastery (of choreography if nothing else). This film exists entirely behind the scenes, all the way through the nearly completed process of building the world-wide tour that was about to launch, were it not for his calamitous death three weeks prior to its opening. Powerful music, great accompanying dance troop, MJ appears as if in the prime of his life, in full force. The production and the filming of its rehearsals is nothing short of phenomenal.

 “20 Feet From Stardom”- It’s a long walk from back behind the singer to the center stage, intimates Bruce Springsteen, “It’s complicated.” This film puts the spotlight at last on the unsung singers whose incendiary voices shoot lightning flashes into tracks that are already roaring like thunder. Or lay down a cushy bed of roses for some troubadour to rest his road-weary song upon. The successes and frustrations of some of the top-rated backup vocalists are aired in this Academy Award winning movie from 2014. Most of those featured had aspirations of becoming lead singers; none quite making it, but no one really loses as is made clear by all of the fantastic concert footage of their formidable harmonization and rich life-experiences.

“Muscle Shoals”-How can a band made up of young, fresh white boys lay down the flesh and bones for black soul-singers like Aretha Franklin or Percy Sledge, or Etta James? Incredulous but true – some of the finest and most enduring recordings came from two small, funky studios in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and that place became a major cornerstone of the great hall of rock and roll. All who’ve come there to record attests to a special magic that exudes from the Tennessee River, which induces a musical trance. It’s that deep south voodoo thing I guess – whatever it is, it’s hard to deny the spirit imbued in those sounds, and anyone who watches this film will be spellbound too.

Meets: Thursdays:    Sept. 22, 7pm for “Amy”

                            Oct. 6, 7pm for “This is It”

                             Oct. 20, 7pm for “20 Feet from Stardom”

             Nov. 3, 7pm for “Muscle Shoals”

Host: Ananda Brady

Contact: odysy68@gmail.com / (415) 342-4968

Registration details: $5.00 a class / all proceeds go to the Commons / class location at Commons / bring a seat cushion or yoga mat for comfort, a thermos of tea, or whatever, for yourself


Contemplative Cinema in the Age of Entanglement

Each week we will screen a new film or collection of films followed by an informal discussion. We will show mostly narrative “art-house” and foreign films, but will also screen interesting documentaries, essays, and experimental films. Bring an open mind and two open eyes. Programs will be announced a week in advance of each screening.

Meets: weekly / Wednesdays, 7-9pm

Host: Jeff Warrin

Contact: jeffwarrin@gmail.com / (415) 516-9476

Registration details: donations to Commons / class location at Commons / contact for more info


Backyard Qigong

Four varieties of practices to increase your energy, loosen your joints, strengthen your immune system, and give you control over your emotions. Fall in love and get addicted to a daily practice!

Meets: weekly, Thursdays, 10-11am

Host: Tania Bedford

Contact: taniabedfordtb@gmail.com / (415) 868-2103

Registration details: $5-$10 a class / Private residence, outdoor class held at 30 Mesa Rd.



Enjoy and explore Shakespeare with Hanford Woods and devoted class members. Class selects works by Shakespeare to read and discuss. Join in; new students are welcome.

Meets: once a month, 7-9pm, TBA

Host: Hanford Woods

Contact: hanford.woods@gmail.com

Registration details: $10 a class / class location at Commons and private residence


 Practical IPM for the Home Gardener

Participants learn what integrated pest management is (and is not) and how to develop an IPM plan for their garden. Students gain methods for identifying pests and diseases, and practical tools for helping their plants defend themselves. We discuss the benefits and potential challenges of various approaches, including beneficial, predatory insects and microbes. We then explore a number of techniques and recipes for remedies made from simple ingredients out of the kitchen.

Meets: two times / Thursday, Sept. 22, 29,  4-5:30pm

Host: Michael Cavette

Contact: mcavette@yahoo.com / (415) 203-2406

Registration details: $15 a class / class location at Commons


Welcome to the Jungle: the soil food web eats first

This class explores the basics of soil: what it is, how it got there, and what provides the spark of life that makes the soil a super organism capable of supporting plant life. We then consider a number of practices that enhance the health of that super organism, providing the gardener with vigorous, productive plants.

The class can also include an advanced section on the basics of soil chemistry and plant nutrition if enough students express interest.

Meets: four times / Thursday, Oct. 6, 13, 20, 27, 4-5:30pm

Host: Michael Cavette

Contact: mcavette@yahoo.com / (415) 203-2406

Registration details: $15 a class / class location at Commons,


Beginning Botanical Drawing with Graphite

Try your hand at botanical drawing. Build skills of observation working with graphite pencils. All students are welcome.

Meets: weekly / Wednesdays, 2-4pm

Host: Molly Brown

Contact: mollybrown777@gmail.com / (415) 298-1762

Registration details: $20 a class, class location at Commons


Sacred Wheel of Tarot

Experience a group reading on the full moon to see what you have to let go of and a group reading on the full moon to see what you want to manifest. Take the personal journey with Cindra Joy, experienced psychic reader. Participants are always welcome. Tarot decks will be provided or bring your own.

 Meets: Thursdays, Sept. 15, 29, Oct. 13, 27, Nov. 10, 6-8pm

Host: Cindra Joy

Contact: (415) 868-0456

Registration details: $22 a class / class location at Commons


Suminagashi: the ancient art of Japanese paper marbling

Ink, water and wind are the constituent elements of this centuries old paper marbling technique. Natural phenomena and artistic intention dance delicately together in Suminagashi. Welcome chance into your art making process! We don’t claim to be experts, just enthusiastic disciples of this oldest form of paper marbling. We’ll show you what we know and have fun together.

Meets: one time / Monday, Nov. 7, 5:30-7:30pm

Host: Diane Fingland and Jeff Manson

Contact: mrjeffreymanson@gmail.com

Registration details: $10/sliding scale, cost to cover supplies / class location at Commons


Analog Light Jam

Using simple materials, we will create handmade moving images and explore the fascinating properties of manipulated light: diffraction, refraction, polarization, reflection and moiré patterns. Following a brief introduction to the methods and materials, and a history of the psychedelic lightshow movement, we will turn up the music and let loose, filling the BCC with beautiful projections.

Meets: one time / Sunday, Oct. 23 7-9pm

Host: Jeff Manson

Contact: mrjeffreymanson@gmail.com / (415) 868-9078

Registration details:  $10 cost to cover hall rental / class location at Bolinas Community Center


Behind the Redwood Curtain: making natural dyes with native plants

Learn to use our native plants to make lasting beautiful non-toxic dyes for silk and wool. We will use oak, redwood, coyote, coffee berry, sticky monkey flower and more.

Meets: one time / Friday, Nov. 11, 11am- 4pm

Host: Rachel Johnson

Contact: rachelgertrudejohnson@gmail.com

Registration details: $50 each or some work trade available, materials included / class will be held in my garden / Class size limited to 12 people


Paint a Silk Scarf

Create a dazzling gift for yourself or others. Beginners welcome. Materials provided.

Meets: four times Nov. 11, 12, 18, 19, 10:30am-12:30pm

Host: Harriet Kossman

Contact: harrietkossman@gmail.com / (415) 868-1365

Registration details: $10 per class/sliding scale / class location at Commons /

class size limited / materials fee to be determined

Stock Market Trading

This class focuses on catalyst driven trades, primarily in microcap companies. Bring a laptop or mobile device. All levels welcome.

Meets: weekly / Tuesdays, 6-7pm. Starts Tuesday, September 20th

Host: John Ford (writes for major financial websites, including: Seeking Alpha.)

Contact: bajarest@gmail.com / (415) 868-1336

Registration details: free / class location at Commons


Sumi-e ink painting

Learn to let the Chi flow through your body and onto the page through

the art Sumi-e Ink painting, an East Asian tradition.

Meets: Fridays from 1-2:30pm at the Commons starting October 14

through November 11

Host: Kale

Contact: eklikover@gmail.com / (415) 259-9238

Registration details: $10 donation / $ 5 material fee

No one sent away for lack of funds.